IT for Business Workshops in the Languedoc

Because we believe that tech can be for everyone, one of the activities we enjoy most is running workshops. These bring people together and give us the chance to share our skills with you. Our aim is always to educate, empower, and demystify!

At the end of the day, you may well decide you don’t want to do things the way we do, but we hope that at least by the end of the session you’ll know how and why you want to do things differently. If you like what we do and what we recommend, great!

2019 Workshop Programme

Build a (Free) Website

This workshop is aimed at total beginners who want to build a website for themselves but don’t know where to start. We’ll use the free version of WordPress to build a simple site from one of the standard templates, then add posts, pages and images.

  • 4th June, Horizons Vert, 11230 Puivert – all day
  • 28th November, Chez Marius, 11230 Puivert – all day

Build a WordPress Website

This workshop is for anyone who already understands the basics of WordPress and is comfortable creating posts, pages, adding images and editing text. It also a useful course for someone who has already built a site with a web-builder (like SquareSpace or Wix) and wants to make the switch to WordPress. We’ll build a new website from scratch from a blank template.

  • 12th December, Chez Marius, 11230 Puivert – all day

GDPR for Small Business

This workshop is aimed at small business and sole traders. It describes the obligations placed upon you by the new data protection rules that came into force in May 2018. By the end of the session you’ll understand how these rules affect you and what changes you need to make to ensure you are compliant.

  • TBD

Our Venues in the Aude & Ariege

We use a number of different venues in the Aude and Ariege:

If you’re booked onto a workshop, please visit the Venues page to download the information you need for your specific session.