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  • Spring Clean Your System Series: Introduction
    Spring is in the air – at last! With the increasing light, we naturally start to clear out all those dusty corners and give our homes and gardens a good tidy up, ready for the year ahead. But what about your technology? If, like me, you use your computer for work and also have a… Continue reading Thank you
  • SEO Tools: From Yoast to SEO Press
    Since I first started working with WordPress I’ve been using the Yoast plugin for my SEO. It’s a great tool. I’ve been happy with it and have been happily recommending it to clients. But lately there’s been chatter in some groups where WordPress pros and others discuss their SEO tools of choice, and I’ve been… Continue reading Thank you
  • Fun and Games with Mixed Content and SSL Errors
    Thanks to Google everyone is now familiar with the secure site padlock in the browser address bar. It’s pretty easy to setup thanks to some great tools like Let’s Encrypt (that generates free SSL certificates) and (for WordPress) plugins Really Simple SSL. But it’s not always plain sailing! Sometimes, despite using these tools you get… Continue reading Thank you
  • Our hosting is Green!
    As of 2019 we are happy to be able to announce that our servers are powered 100% by ”green energy”. But what does that mean? Well, in this case, it means all the energy used to power the data centre* comes from renewable sources. Because our servers are in the UK, the provider is Ecotricity.… Continue reading Thank you
  • Your Website and GDPR: Privacy Policy and Consent Copy
    In my previous post, Are You GDPR Ready?, I suggested seven steps you should take to get ready for GDPR. In this post I’ll address numbers two and three:How to Publish a Privacy Policy on your site to gain your user’s consent and Implement an Opt-In policy. Publish Your Privacy Policy Step 1:  Write Your Privacy Policy Yes,… Continue reading Thank you
  • Using Icons in Websites and Documents
    If you’re building a website or working on a document and you want to use some icons, where do you find them? A well-placed and well-designed icon can really give your site and files a professional look and feel. There are many places to find them but you can quickly search Bootstrap, Font Awesome and… Continue reading Thank you