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  • Using Icons in Websites and Documents
    If you’re building a website or working on a document and you want to use some icons, where do you find them? A well-placed and well-designed icon can really give your site and files a professional look and feel. There are many places to find them but you can quickly search Bootstrap, Font Awesome and… Continue reading Thank you
  • How to Install New Fonts in Inkscape
    I wrote a post a few months ago about using SkyFonts to install new fonts in Inkscape, a freeware graphic design package that is a great substitute for Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. When a client was asked me about this, I directed them to my original post, only to discover that those instructions no… Continue reading Thank you
  • Tutorials to Help You Use Your Computer
    I’ve been gradually putting together a list of tutorials aimed at solving issues addressed by my customers. Now there are a few to choose from, this post will help you to find them more quickly and easily.
  • Typing French Accented Characters on a QWERTY Keyboard
    QWERTY or AZERTY? If you’re using a computer designed for the English-speaking market, be that US, International or English-English, it  can be a challenge to type French accented characters. In systems set up for French speakers, its far simpler because they have a AZERTY keyboard, which gives quick access to the characters and symbols that… Continue reading Thank you
  • When WordPress Migrations Go Wrong
    WordPress is a fantastic CMS with so many plugins and ways to extend the functionality, there’s not much bad to say about it – which goes some way to explain why so many of us are using it to build our own and other’s websites. That said, it’s a technology like any other and sometimes… Continue reading Thank you
  • Why is Google Search Console saying there is no traffic to my site?
    You’ve just set up Google Search Console and submitted a sitemap but you check back a few days later and there’s no traffic being logged? In this case, check which URL you are using. With the introduction of HTTPS and the change to no longer requiring WWW in the website address, there are four possible… Continue reading Thank you